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Large Bevel Butterfly  
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Odd one of a kind supplies come my way from time to time. As much as I like to make things that I can share with lots of people sometimes I get something super special and can only make one. The first lucky shopper will be able to purchase something I will never do again. This awesome Bevel Butterfly is constructed from 4 teardrop crystal glue chip bevels. the wings are slightly bent and the butterfly hangs slightly off center from a chain with a swivel hook. she can spin and wheel and fly but won't go too far! Her body is fused dichroic glass over aqua glass her head a glass nugget. She is 12" x 10" hung with a chain. she is heavy so I have super reinforced her with copper strip. she will not bend. Sturdy enough to be outdoors in most normal weather (rain probably not great). Who will claim this special piece.... will it be you? In Stock