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The following items are not for sale. If you interested in a piece, please contact me.

This heavenly Angel is nearly 3 feet tall. She can have any color hair or dress. Sadly she cannot be shipped. She is very fragile. Local orders only.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
When just a regular butterfly will not do. This was a special order for a special friend who had a magical encounter with a tiger swallowtail butterfly.

Agave Window
This piece was designed for a small window over a single door. It is an agave that was growing at the foot of my driveway.

Orion the Warrior
If you look at the glass nuggets in this piece it is the constellation Orion. A friend thought he needed a head. I agreed so I gave him one.

Sedona 3 Red Rocks Window
This 6 foot x 1 foot panel was designed to go over a double front door. It depicts 3 of the Sedona Arizona red rocks; Courthouse Butte, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock. Sorry, this piece cannot be shipped