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About Crimson Fairy
    A lifetime love of fairies, magic and creating, led to the 1996 birth of Crimson Fairy. Having worked in the jewelry industry in New York City for a few years, I decided to encorporate some of the ideas and elements of jewelry designing (and a sprinkling of fairy dust) into my glass work. The result is a line of glass work unlike any other. I was then fortunate enough to spend 2 years assisting one of the top furniture restorers in the city, who taught me the importance of fine craftsmanship. This fine craftsmanship can be seen in both my leather work and my glass work.

After spending 10 years learning my craft in the concrete jungle, this fairy had to fly. Mother Earth was calling me westward. I landed right outside the beautiful town of Sedona Arizona. This idyllic desert setting has inspired me to create like never before. I craft each and every piece by hand from my own designs. Each leather piece is hand sewn and hand laced. I never use a machine. Each glass piece is carefully cut and soldered using the copper foil method.
Stay tuned because you just never know what is next from the Crimson Fairy.