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Belle E Oil for prevention of Stretchmarks  
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Welcome to Alchemy By Crimson Fairy. All my oil blends are made with Therapeutic grade essential oils and high quality organic carrier oils. I use no cheap carrier oils, no preservatives,nothing synthetic or chemicals of any kind. All the oils in my skin care line absorb completely leave no oily residue. All my oils have been tested on my friends and I make no claim of healing or magic. I developed these products to heal my own itchy, sensitive, dry, mature skin. When I saw how well it worked I had to share. Belle E Oil was created about a year ago to aid in prevent and treat stretchmarks. My testers have had awesome reactions from their Dr. and midwives. this oil is rich in vitamin E and super hydrating great for your skin Oils. Even if you are not pregnant you can use this oil on serious dry areas or scars to soften and treat the area. Ingredients Organic Oils of Rose hips seed,Jojoba,Sweet Almond Oil,Vitamin E essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense,Myrrh and German Chamomile. Makes a great gift for a pregnant friend. Start at the begining of your pregnancy and use after delivery and you will be amazed at your skin after baby. All oil blends are mixed to order one bottle at a time to ensure freshness, proper balance and efficacy Not for use on an infant. 2 ounce dropper bottle


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