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Welcome to Crimson Fairy
Hello! Welcome to the new and improved realm of the Crimson Fairy! In Honor of Earth Day I am proud to launch my new project! I am adapting my glass patterns to T shirts. Instead of glass I am cutting some shirts to embellish other shirts. They are all one of a kind and really cool. All sewn by hand. All one of a kind. The sizing is all over the place so look at the measurements to find your perfect T. Different cuts and styles make them all different so if you have questions let me know. maybe I can help. Can't find one that fits? I can custom make you one from your own plain T. Email me. My Fired Flies and my Belt to Bracelets are also upcycled so check them out as well. Hope everyone is taking care out there. Love, K
Lucky Star Necklace Red Copper

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