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Circles Panel  
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Odd one of a kind supplies come my way from time to time. As much as I like to make things that I can share with lots of people sometimes I get something super special and can only make one. The first lucky shopper will be able to purchase something I will never do again. This piece is called Circles. I had all these interesting circles. All different colors and different sources. Some people see planets, or cogs or clock parts. I realized that alone they are pretty, but together they are strong and beautiful. Isn't that just like us? I think so. This is my soldering show off piece. I think I used an entire pound of solder! All flood soldered and very solid. Measures 14" x 9 1/2" hangs from heavy lamp chain. Who will claim this special beauty.... if you are lucky it will be you! In Stock


Item #1870965042

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