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Mobile Small Paw Prints with Bone  
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These mobiles are my new favorite things. They are glass pieces hung from thin chain, strung through Yucca stalks harvested from my AZ yard. Everything is designed to move in any direction. Yucca is lightweight so they bounce and dance. I sealed the Yucca with a little polyurethane so they can be hung outside as well as indoors. Small single arm ~25 long from swivel hook to bottom of glass pieces and ~12" wide. Yucca is - 1" in diameter. This mobile is Paw Prints and a Bone. 2 Paw prints 2 1/2" x 2 3/4" (aqua,teal) have art glass pads and nugget toes the bone in the center 5" x 2" has a bead dangle. Watch them dance, twinkle and wink. They love the light and a gentle breeze (don't we all?). In Stock


Item #175002830

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